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1000 Faces Coffee was established in Athens, Georgia, in the Spring of 2006 by a group of ecologists pursuing increased transparency in the coffee supply chain. Since day one, a clear ethos was formed that will forever remain our driving force:

coffee is more than a face-less commodity. 

Our name was derived from Joseph Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces, in which the monomyth is explored as a central thread to every great story – after accepting a call to adventure and overcoming challenges, the hero will reach new heights of knowledge and freedom.

The coffee industry was built via exploitative practices that were designed to keep producers in the Global South separate from consumers in the Global North. Coffee growers are rarely given an equitable seat at the table, but many choose to continue in this journey of heroic proportion. We’re in awe of those who choose to cultivate such a complex crop and believe that it’s something to be celebrated every day.

1000 Faces Coffee is committed to operating more mindfully and transparently by creating space to center the stories of the many important faces throughout our value stream. We strive to build resilient relationships and serve as a reliable partner to our suppliers, educator to our communities, and employer to our incredible staff.


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