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“Coffee is about the community it creates.” – Isaiah Sheese

At Archetype, we believe there are two sides to coffee. One side is the exhausting, painstaking, demanding, and unpredictable work of coffee making. It’s serious business that calls for relentless attention and care. The second side encompasses the fun and ridiculous parts of the people who grow, make and drink coffee. Holding these two sides together allows us to foster a specialty coffee community that is intentional, caring, and driven.

Without this dynamic approach to coffee, an imbalance can take hold. Coffee can start to taste pretentious, and the community can feel cold and insincere. We believe that specialty coffee should never be that way. The coffee community is made up of coffee farmers, importers, café owners, baristas, and coffee drinkers. All of us play a part in driving the specialty coffee industry forward. We believe coffee should be serious and ridiculous, refined and playful — just like the people who drink it. The stories made and shared within this community make the pursuit for the perfect cup worthwhile.

We’ve boiled down what we hope to create here at Archetype into one phrase that we think neatly explains what we do:
“Fastidious Roasts. Punctilious Brews. Ridiculous People.”

Fastidious Roasts: because attention to accuracy and detail leads to consistent, high-quality roasts.
Punctilious Brews: because calculating and caring for each cup of brewed coffee and a shot of espresso means we can guarantee every drink is made with intention.
Ridiculous People: because coffee tastes better when we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


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