Boxx Coffee Roasters Co.

Boxx Coffee Roasters Co.


Product Description

Boxx Coffee Roasters Co. was founded by Mert Soley and Altug Baser in Istanbul, Turkey in 2015. At the time we both had our separate coffee shops but after being unable to find the roasting profile in Turkish market, we decided to open our own Coffee Roastery and opened Boxx Coffee Roasters Co.

Our first year was almost entirely devoted to research and development. We spent that period with honing our roasting practices, expanding our network thus forcing ourselves being challenged with new perspectives and approaches in roasting. We still try to talk and meet people that challenge our beliefs and perspectives.

Although we had multiple offers to open up another location we wanted to do ourselves and decided to open our second location to Los Angeles. We will open our Los Angeles location April 2021.


Our Values

Be Passionate. At Boxx Coffee Roasters, we’re passionate about our work. We want to share this passion with anyone who knows that, a cup of coffee can be a unique experience when it is roasted and brewed in right way, who believes that the flavor from a small coffee bean will make the day better.

Pay Attention. We know we need the right coffee bean to realize our dream: properly roasted coffee. We recognize that drinking a better cup of coffee is an exception rather than the general case. To that end it requires constant attention not only in roasting but in brewing process as well. Whether it is a shot of espresso or a pour-over it is a hands-on process

Be Respectful. Though purchasing the right coffee beans are no small feat, real hard work for us begins after that. We believe it is our duty to roast it as good as we can. That duty, for us, is not only to our customer but to the nature and to the farmers as well. Thinking of and recognizing the human labor and nature’s generosity is what drives us forward and makes us respect and appreciate each coffee bean.

Get Better. We know there is no perfection, this does not discourage us. Instead we strive to do better. If there is no perfection, then there is always an inch further. We want to go that inch. We want every cup you taste to be better than the last one.

Work Hard. A good cup of coffee, requires hard-work. As roasters we need to cup countless times before we buy a green bean, and even after we select one, we need to cup it couple more time to find the right roasting profile. Extending the roasting or increasing the temperature by seconds or degrees might be the difference between an okay cup and your perfect morning cup. Then we need to factor in brewing variables. All of these require a team that is willing to work hard and refuse shortcuts.

Have Fun. All above are important but coffee and hospitality is an area of passion. This is a job and we strive for being better, but we are pursuing this because it is in this process that we find joy and fun. It is tiring and sometimes disappointing but at the end it is always fun.


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