Brème Pâtisserie

Brème Pâtisserie


Product Description

Brème Patisserie is a small, human-sized coffee shop in the Limoges Downtown.

With the love of good products and a the curiosity of the Terroir, Zakary and his team want to offer the best in the plate and also in the cup. In a Decontracted French Style mood, we select, grind, brew and serve delightfull coffees from roasters all around the world.

Fine selection with our main roaster Fève Coffee in Paris, we are trying to reach a strong mouthfill in a sugarly aroma and a fruity tasty four our daily customers. For experienced tasters or adventurers, we also have a monthly selection in collaboration with The Coffee Vine to offer diversity and more complexicty in other cups.

We are a very small team with Zakary, the owner and fine pastry chef trained by Cyril Lignac, and Benoît, experienced headbarista with a unique approach in coffee dial in.

Decontracted and tasty, this is just a place to have a nice cup of coffee Downtown Limoges City !


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