Corridor Seven Standing Room

Corridor Seven Standing Room


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understood and where it is today. Now we are driven towards sourcing, roasting and supplying the most beautiful Indian Coffees.

Coffee at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters endeavours to empower Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middlemen & no negotiation approach – sourcing directly from them. By sourcing the harvest ourselves, we can ensure both the quality of coffee as well as transparency for our customers plus a fair trade price and ethical treatment for the producers.

We here at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters are committed to creating and sustaining impact-driven relationships throughout our supply network, ensuring that each batch we roast and each cup we serve helps support the communities we work with.

Also with our cafe in the picture we have realized more and more that how important it is to have your supply and value chain intact and constant, because we appreciate quality not only in roasting but also in our cafe and all our partner cafes.

Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a brand built by people, fueled by passion and works on quality, a good amount of coffee and insanity.


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