Endorffeine coffee bar

Endorffeine coffee bar


Product Description

Jack’s life course has always been to serve others.  Previously as a biochemist, he has helped develop cancer-fighting pharmaceuticals for patients around the world.  As a pastry chef, Jack has produced deliciously elegant wedding cakes and desserts for hundreds of guests.

Now, he personally brews every drink at our coffee bar.  There are easier, faster methods to employ, but shortcuts result in a low quality product and a diminished experience for our guests.

Endorffeine is an amalgam of “endorphin” and “caffeine”…  Endorphins are produced by our bodies, and here, represent one half of the coffee culture equation – the self; your experience can only be as good as an open mind will allow.  The second half comes in the form of the caffeine molecule, which triggers an increase of dopamine in the brain, and leads to pleasurable feelings.

In the end, a soul-satisfying visit to Endorffeine is not complete unless our connection with you is as meaningful as our connection with the craft of coffee.


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