Fulcrum Cafe at Factory Phnom Penh

Fulcrum Cafe at Factory Phnom Penh


Product Description

Fulcrum lies at the center of Factory 1, next door to Workspace 1. Focusing on amazing coffee and affordable food, it matches world-class lattes with delicious Khmer and international dishes. Need some coffee for home? Bulk beans will be roasted on site thanks to our fantastic partners at Feel Good Coffee Roasters, who have trained dozens of the city’s top baristas and been creating Cambodia’s best coffee blends since 2013.

Feel Good Cafe is roasting more than coffee, it’s more than a business. Feel Good Cafe is building a family, an organization and a team that supports, trains and empowers both within the walls of their cafes and restaurants, but also in the lives of their friendly staff and farmer-suppliers.

Fulcrum’s vision it that that every individual they work with grows, is given opportunities and responsibilities, so that they feel proud of their abilities and accomplishments.

Come visit FULCRUM CAFE right next to Workspace 1 by the Factory Reception!


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