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Nestled at 2235 Frankfort Ave, Unit 104, KIWA offers a unique blend of traditional Korean hospitality and contemporary charm. Our menu features creatively flavored coffees and teas inspired by Korean culture, with highlights like black sesame and chestnut-infused drinks. We use professional Nespresso pods to deliver a consistent taste and focus more on the cafe experience.


Beyond coffee, we celebrate Korean tea culture with authentic teas and innovative tea lattes. Our monthly seasonal menus keep things fresh and exciting, featuring beverages such as Passionfruit-Peach Americano, Orange-Oat Latte, and Bourbon Caramel Latte.


Our beautifully designed space is more than just a cafe; it’s a venue for arts, corporate events, workshops, and private gatherings. We host tea ceremonies, cultural workshops, and other events that offer a deeper understanding of Korean culture, making KIWA a vibrant hub where culture, tea, coffee, and art converge.


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