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Manzanita Roasting Company


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H! We’re Manzanita Roasting Company, located in Sunny San Diego. We’re a husband and wife team, working to get you guys great coffee from our roaster while you’re quarantined at home and our cafe is closed. We know getting access to high quality coffee is really important and we’re taking all the steps neccesary to get it to you with every recommended safety and santitation measure in place.

In a nutshell, Our coffee beans are directly traded microlots from small farmers, we roast on our sustainable roaster on a 130 year old winery and do green stuff like composting all of our bi-product into the winery vineyards. We roast for sweetness and balance and appreciate being able to drink good coffee naked. Take that any way you like, coffee friends.

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Enjoy, stock up and embrace good coffee while you hunker down. If you’re heading back to the office to work, take some coffee with you to share. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t share good coffee with your office mates you’ve been missing! We have some smackin-good single origins like our new Burundi and Peru and our standby daily drinker blends like El Gaucho.  Stay safe out there!

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