Original Coffee Dosseringen

Original Coffee Dosseringen


Product Description

Original Coffee is your local coffee bar in Copenhagen where you can buy high quality coffee made with locally roasted beans alongside baked goods from Original Coffee’s own organic bakery in the Meat Packing District in Copenhagen.

Each of Original Coffee’s 15 locations is a quiet pocket of relaxation in the inner city – a home away from home. In this cozy, stress-free atmosphere, you can enjoy a caffe latte with your friends, sip a hand brew while you work or simply grab a cup of coffee to go.

The coffee beans used and sold at Original Coffee are meticulously selected by Original Coffee’s Head of Coffee and roasted at the local micro-roastery, Kontra Coffee.

At our coffee bar on Dosseringen you can enjoy your coffee while looking out on the beautiful lakes that run through the city. This coffee bar lies in Nørrebro – a hip and lively part of Copenhagen filled with thrift shops, restaurants and bars.


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