SEAM coffee @ thirdspace

SEAM coffee @ thirdspace


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When SEAM was established in 2018, the price of a kilogram of unroasted green coffee was at its lowest level in twelve years – falling below the cost of production for many East African producers.

As a commodity, the value of coffee fluctuates, due to a messy equation of supply, demand and speculation from commodity traders.

SEAM was created with the idea that the coffee trade should be different.

Instead of looking at coffee as a lifeless commodity, we see coffee as the livelihoods that the crop underpins. We visit farms, we learn about struggles and, most importantly, we shake hands on a price that exceeds the cost of production.

If coffee can create community where it is consumed, we believe it should build communities where it is grown.

SEAM – connecting coffee farmers and coffee drinkers through transparent and generous trade.


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