• Roasters:
    Black Press Coffee Roasting
  • Espresso Machine:
    La Marzocco Linea PB, Slayer Steam LP

Brand Newly built coffee shop with a drive thru attached in the back. Locally owned and locally operated company with 2 other locations in neighboring cities and a roastery where they roast their own coffee. Black Press Coffee Shop offers espresso based beverages made from awesome and friendly staff. They rotate seasonal menus along with year round options. This location replaced their original location from around the corner and will be their new flagship spot. Features 2 espresso machines on 2 separate bars built for the purpose. The Slayer Steam LP designed for in-house use and the LaMarzocco Linea LP designed for speed and precision in the drive-thru.

In house offers both comfortable seating and work oriented seating depending on the occasion. Featuring a fireplace and cozy chairs around or a hard top table to read, write, or have a meeting at.



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