• Roasters:
    Kahiwa Coffee Roasters
  • Espresso Machine:
    Slayer Steam LP

Located inside a historic old malt factory, later reconstructed into the building it is now, Kahiwa Malski is Lahti’s first specialty cafe! Here we proudly serve coffee roasted from our own small roastery, Kahiwa Coffee Roasters, in espresso based drinks, pour overs, and AeroPresses. Our location has grown to have a well rounded offering since we opened our own bakery in the Fall of 2022. Now you can find a selection of cakes, pastries, sour dough breads, and stuffed focaccias to pair with your coffee.

Our focus is to share good coffee practices and help our customers make informed purchases when it comes to quality coffee. We roast and prepare our coffees with the utmost precision in the hopes of preserving all of the wonderful flavours that the farmers who produced the coffee were able to create through their hard work.

We also like to keep our community active by hosting a wide range of events through out the year. Here you can attend flea markets, live music, coffee and wine tastings, art gallery showings, as well as weekly Saturday brunches and Sunday Yoga brunches.



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