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    Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

At Ovenbird Coffee Roasters, we practice self-care: bland coffee has no place in our daily ritual. Slugging back instant is effective but not as delicious. We demand coffee with flavour, freshness and complexity all the components that made us love the stuff in the first place. Davide and the flock of ovenbirds – all humans – have a project.

We aim to provide artisan coffee that is accessible and approachable. We want our coffee to taste great in all environments; from state-of-the-art espresso machines to simple homebrew devices. To achieve this, we use a mix of traditional methods and progressive ideas. We roast without computers. We experiment with new and exciting flavour profiles. More ‘bright’ than ‘big’. More taste than strength. More natural than instagrammable (though we are suckers for a photogenic cup). We also make some cracking whisky coffee. We test each batch by using our senses (mostly by taste) sometimes once, sometimes ten times. It has to be meticulous, of course.

Our beans are ethically sourced from farms in east Africa and Central-South America. We choose growers who share our enthusiasm. Once they become our partners, we build long-lasting relationships with them. We commit to growing their success by celebrating what they do. After all, it’s the people behind the coffee that we care about the most. From the planters of the java to the sippers of the joe, it is through unearthing their stories that we began to find meaning in our own. Whether we’re inspired by a fictional character, or by a small island community in Scotland, we let each blend tell its own story.

We don’t do all this to over-complicate coffee. We do it because ovenbird began with a shared idea: to make outstanding coffee for outstanding people.