Probador Colectiva is a soulful, focused, ambitious, dedicated project about coffee, for coffee, for the sake of coffee passionates. The coffee sector in Turkey has gained momentum and still has many gaps to fill. Probador Colectiva serves this sector in three main branches: green and roasted coffee supply, training and consultancy. Probador Colectiva owns Turkey’s the first and only SCAA certified coffee lab and training center; here, SCAE accredited trainer and world-renowned coffee professionals provide trainings for barista, roasting, coffee brewing, green coffee knowledge, coffeeshop designing, etc. classes for professionals or coffee enthusiasts.

With public and special workshops, trainings and cupping events it is a training center for both Turkish and foreign coffee professionals and coffee lovers. Besides roasteries, coffeeshops and coffee professionals or coffee enthusiasts, Probador Colectiva targets home users. There is an e-trade infrastructure for this target.
Home users purchase coffee beans (both green and roasted), coffee brewing equipment, accessories, filter papers, etc. and broaden their home use facilities
Also at tasting room/coffeeshop the enthusiasts get the chance to experience the beans brewed by the Probador Colectiva team.