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“In many ways, the coffee we share with you is the perfect symbol for my Rwandan home. Both prove that the richest lives are often shaped by the struggle to survive. Rwanda has weathered a challenging past, but today, its people are imbued with a boundless sense of hope for their future. The exceptional Bourbon Arabica varietal coffee crop that many of them farm often perishes in other climates, but flourishes within the extreme alpine environment of our tropical land. To create a company that can help lead all Rwandans to a brighter future, I’ve kept my eyes on the lessons I first learned in my past. Our Fifty Percent for Farmers program was inspired by the belief I inherited from my parents that education and compassion have the power to create richer, fuller lives. The direct aid these funds provide to support the health, education, clean energy, and operational needs of our farmers and their communities does just that. Your purchase of Rwanda Bean Coffee is the key to that support, and our efforts to strengthen Rwanda—one cup at a time.”
— Mike Mwenedata, Founder + CEO

Rwanda Bean was created in 2013 with the mission to support the community of coffee farmers who are growing a stronger Rwanda by sharing their harvests and stories with the wider world. It started with just a couple of pounds of raw beans shipped from Rwanda for a taste-test, and it’s quickly growing to become an amazing community of caring people who believe in giving back. As you are about to take that first sip of our delicious coffee—just stop and pat yourself on the back. Remember, every sip you take helps someone in need. There’s no better way to start a day than with a great cup of coffee and a good deed.

We share our profits with the farmers directly. Rwandan farmers cultivate some of the finest, specialty Bourbon Arabica coffee products in the world, and yet they typically receive less than 1% of what consumers pay for their average cappuccino. That’s not nearly enough to survive on, so that’s why we started our 50% For Farmers Program. It has a simple but profound proposition — give half of all profits back to the people who support the growth of the products that we are proud to serve and sell.

In 2018, we provided healthcare to 800 farmers thanks to your belief in our mission and generous support. In 2020, we were able to do that again.  Our goal is to grow our mission to provide healthcare to farmers + their families all over Rwanda. 400,000 families farm coffee. Our mission is for them to be healthy and happy.

We recognize opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the local children and the communities that we source our coffee from. We’re investing back into the Co-Ops by funding community development projects that strengthen these communities from within. We are currently funding for a school/daycare to be built in the Gisagara District. Mike is working with an architect and building team to build the school. He’s also collaborating with teachers to design curriculum plans and develop skills.

The team at Rwanda Bean is learning and growing and with each day we want to give MORE and do MORE. We hope that you feel inspired to purchase our products, enjoy them + truly make a difference, one cup at a time.

for more info, please visit our website at  http://www.rwandabean.com



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