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    Caffè Ernani
  • Espresso Machine:
    Dalla Corte EVO

Caffè Ernani is an artisanal roasting company that strives to offer a product that is always of quality, carrying out continuous research, both on the raw material and on the roasting processes, but also on the packaging. Only in this way can an intense and above all aromatic coffee be obtained.

“We love to savor every aroma of coffee. For this reason we decided to use a Medium Roast” – Caffè Ernani team

Most of the Italian brands on the market have chosen a dark roast, which makes the coffee very bitter and sometimes even with hints of burning; aromas so intense that they manage to hide any other defects of the raw coffee purchased.

If, on the other hand, you start from a quality raw material, therefore without defects, you can adopt a medium roasting, which has the sole task of enhancing the natural aromas of raw coffee to the maximum.
It is thus possible to enjoy an intense, aromatic coffee and above all with a delicate and pleasant bitterness.

The group has been active since 1998 in the distribution of coffee. Since 2002, he has managed the historic roasting shop in Corso Buenos Aires, which opened well in 1909. Since 2015 he has started the production of roasted coffee on his own, opening his own laboratory, together with the online shop where he sends the exact same coffee as the roaster directly to your home. throughout Italy and the EU.



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