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    Ubuntu Coffee Roasters
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    Sanremo Cafe Racer

The Ubuntu Roastery and Coffeehouse is located in a refurbished horse stable dating back to 1901, which is part of the historic Sakskøbing Sukkerfabrik. It is owned and operated by Stephan and Caryn, who were both born and raised in Namibia.

Our passion for coffee originated in Swakopmund, where we witnessed the emergence of a unique and lively coffee culture that captivated both locals and tourists. Motivated by the vibrant energy within the coffee industry and recognizing the social impact of coffee, we identified the demand and opportunity for specialty coffee on Lolland Falster.

At Ubuntu, we specialize in roasting small batches of specialty coffee beans. We carefully source and roast these beans to ensure they possess the delightful aromas and flavours that represent the bold and vibrant essence of our African heritage.

The name “Ubuntu” represents our core values and beliefs. It embodies the principles of interconnectedness, compassion, collective responsibility and that our well-being is linked to the well-being of others. Our coffeehouse provides a vibrant and welcoming space for people to come together, socialize, make valuable connections and enjoy excellent coffee.

Ubuntu – we are passionate about our locally produced coffee. Each batch of specialty beans are hand roasted here on Lolland Falster. Coffee to indulge in the moment, take home or enjoy at the office.



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