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WeBe Coffee Roasters is all about providing good coffee in good humor. We want to invite any casual coffee drinker to delight in our fun brand, approachable atmosphere, and of course delicious specialty coffee.

Most coffee drinkers don’t even know that specialty coffee exists and that coffee can have various flavor profiles that originate from the type of coffee plant, the climate where it’s grown, processing methods of the raw fruit, roast, and brewing method. To them, a cup of joe is just a concoction of hot, bitter, black bean juice that can get them through the work day, but coffee is and can be so much more. And for many who have experienced a truly sweet and delicious cup of coffee in a specialty shop, the atmosphere and experience often leaves them feeling like an outsider.

WeBe Coffee Roasters aims to meet all coffee drinkers where they’re at with absolutely no judgment, because at the end of the day, taste is subjective and you should enjoy your coffee the way you want to! We would like to show people that truly excellent coffee does exist and can be experienced everyday.


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