• Roasters:
    Vibrant Coffee Roasters
  • Espresso Machine:
    Synesso MVP Hydra

We opened our doors just steps from Rittenhouse Square on 6/17/2021 in a tiny 635 sq ft space that houses a sourdough baking program (bread, croissants, cinnamon buns, and more) in addition to our coffees. We are offering our medium roast Good Vibes blend on batch brew as well as on espresso, and also offering a rotating single origin light roast coffee on drip. We’ve already gotten great feedback from people sick of all the third wave cafes that only serve really acidic coffee. Our philosophy is that only offering light roast coffee is like only offering a steak cooked rare, or only offering IPAs…not only does it not make business sense, it also is passing judgement on something that is just a subjective preference. We are not about that at all – we want to serve bright, juicy, acid-bombs to people who want those, and rich, chocolate, low-acid brews to people who want those. Something for everyone. No pourovers because we want consistency, quality, and we want to keep our pricing as accessible as possible while still offering great coffees for which we pay good money. Our major goals are to pay more for our green coffee, pay more to our baristas/bakers/production crew, and foster a fun, welcoming environment so that everyone looks forward to coming in to the cafe – both customers and staff.



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